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What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my channel Today I am not applying makeup, I know that might sound a little shocking

But, we’re going to dive into the infamous topic of antiaging and skincare Now this is not a full regime of how I do my skincare I know you guys have been asking about that for a long time I promise I will do it this summer I want to talk about antiaging, extreme antiaging and what I do personally to look this way and it’s crazy, because to me and a lot of people say this when they haven’t seen me in a while or a few years

They’re like, “Bitch, are you like rewinding the age clock? How do you look like that?” How do you have no wrinkles under your eyes? No bags” It’s not easy, I will say that I will say that right now Of course we’re gonna go into a little in-depth whole thing I’m also gonna be applying some masks I’m gonna be talking about my favorite moisturizers, favorite lipscrubs

Creams for the hands, neck, face Everything bitch, I got a cream for everything Quick disclaimer Everything in today’s video works for me, of course trying out these things throughout the years is how I discovered a lot of this stuff And I’m also gonna be talking about some tips and tricks that I do on the daily that of course free

Just everyday life for when you’re in the car, when you’re out in the sun All the crazy shit that I do to look like this I just want to put it out there you guys, that I just turned thirty years old What’s up three zero, how are you? So what does thirty mean? It means that it’s really time to amp up the antiaging, if you don’t want to age Now there are a lot of people that are gonna say “But aging gracefully is amazing and I like wrinkles

” Sorry, that was hard to come out my mouth Now I do wanna say one thing, because I always make jokes about plastic surgery and fillers Now I think that a lot of YouTube “beauty gurus” go way overboard with their fillers and that’s obviously their insecurities and they have a lot going on right here But if you want to do something for yourself because you want to change you and there’s no other factors, there’s no one else telling you what to do and you want to do it for yourself, I think that is the only time that you should do anything and modify yourself If you wanna get your breasts done, if you wanna get bigger lips, if you wanna get Botox and you wanna do it for you, bitch go do it

And if it makes you feel better inside or just because you wanna change something for fun, I think that’s what is most important Now I am gonna say this, of course you guys have seen me get lip injections on my channel, but I do not have Botox and a lot of people probably make jokes cause I make jokes and I’m very sarcastic You guys know that But if you guys didn’t know, I’m a very sarcastic person and throughout the years I have made jokes about getting facial surgery, crazy shit done to me and a lot of it was just me being funny and none of it was true So, I’ve had my lips done

Do I have Botox? Do I have filler or anything else on my face? No! That is the final answer I don't know Maybe people don’t believe me because I’ve said shit in the past, I don’t know But, I can move my forehead, I can move any part of my face I mean, there’s no Botox in this face or I’d be a little bit more frozen

I think the problem with today’s society and anti-aging in the market for, is that a lot of the times it’s geared for old woman or older people The problem with that you guys, I’m not saying it’s too late But if you’re going to show a sixty-year-old an eye cream, it’s already too late They are they’ve already aged around their eyes If you have crow’s feet already and it’s really severe, you know? It’s not that it’s too too late, but you should of done it before So, I think a lot of the time all these myths and secrets and tricks, a lot of it is really just a lie and you know, companies are trying to sell you the dream At the end of the day it’s all about genetics and also your diet is very important

I drink water all day long It may seem like I’m drinking Red Bull on Snapchat all the time, but I am drinking water all day long And your diet is very important to aging as well For all of you people that are addicted to caffeine and soda, that just dries out your skin and over time you will look a lot older As we like to say

But, you wanna see what the fuck I’m talking about? And all these crazy tricks I’ve got up my sleeves? Then keep on watching I at age, I’m trying to think here Girl I’m trying to rewind the fucking clock One, two, three Okay, probably at around age fifteen

So 15 years ago, I trained myself to not move my face So what does that mean? It means that you see my forehead I mean for my age, my forehead is very smooth There are a little few fine lines in there, which is obviously normal But I have done a really good job of when I’m talking or laughing or really expressing

I don’t really move my face and I don’t mean when I’m talking I’m just like I move my face, but I don’t really move this area a lot and I don’t really move like my forehead So I don’t really move my face when I laugh I don’t move my eyes Now we’re about to dive into some skincare and I’m gonna show you guys my favorite products

I’m gonna test out and show you guys a new mask that just hit the market a month ago Now when I’m washing or cleansing, you need to find products that have no alcohol in them, okay? Alcohol and anything is the devil, it will age you Now some of the things have to have a tiny bit of alcohol for formulas and I understand that I definitely look past that sometimes But toners that have severe alcohol in it, you’re just literally wiping the future off of your face

So one of my favorite primers ever is by the brand Sisley It is the floral toning lotion and I’ve mentioned this in a previous favorites video This is my third bottle, it is amazing Now I love to use little cotton circles, you can get these at the drugstore Now everything in todays video you guys, is sadly not drugstore or price friendly and antiaging stuff, you really can’t find something that is gonna really stop time at Wholegreens

But you can get these cotton pads and I’m not trying to be shady but that’s just really, really realistic I have tried out so many products and the drugstore isn’t the antiaging kingdom of where you gonna find these secrets So this toner, it’s a little more pricey but it is amazing It’s good for dry and sensitive skin out there People ask me all the time, “What kind of skin do you have? Do you have dry? Do you have normal? Do you have combination? Do you have oily?” I really fall in that middle category of just normal skin

In the morning you guys, I love to wake up and before even brushing my teeth I mean the teeth are really important bitch, but the skin is really what I focus on first So I’ll take a little cotton pad and I will put some all in here and then I just wipe down my skin and this will remove all of the dirt and the oil that your skin was dealing with throughout the night

I will wipe down my entire face and I love wiping down my neck The neck and this area is very important Now let me show you something a little disgusting You see that? That was on my face This is all of the dirt and oil from last night

So once the dirt is off of your skin, then we can move on And before we move on, I just wanna say a few more brands that I’m loving right now Now Lamer, you guys know is a very expensive skincare brand They have amazing makeup now But this is another toner, it’s called La Tonic

It’s amazing for just kind of like a refresher throughout the day and it doesn’t leave you shiny or weird Which some toners can leave you feeling sort of I don’t know

Every product does something different And then recently the brand Fresh, who I discovered in Sephora like two years ago and now I am such a fan Just put out the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner and yes, those are rose particals in the bottle I’m kind of living for it It looks so cool

And I don’t have it in front of me, but I used to use a Dover toner from the drugstore actually and it is alcohol free So remember guys, when you are buying stuff at the drugstore or at the mall or anywhere, look at the back of the bottle or the box and look at the ingredients It might be in the middle, it might be at the front, it might be at the bottom But if the word alcohol is in there and it’s a toner, run for the hills So after I tone my skin I love to moisturize

Now it’s gonna be a little probably weird to explain this because I use different moisturizers throughout the week So I don’t stick to one every day, you know? Sometimes I’ll feel a little more dry, sometimes I’m travelling Like a few of my favorites I’m obsessed with, I have to say this LaMer one again I know I have mentioned this in favorites videos, but this is the moisturizing soft cream and I just ran out of my huge bottle It lasted me like eleven months which is pretty damn good

I know the price point is a little extreme and a lot of you are gonna be like, “Girl spare me” But I think after using it for a few years, I’ve seen a difference and I love how it makes me feel Another one I’m obsessed with is this Dior Totale Capture moisturizer and I love bringing this on trips Now another really great one that I recommend to people is from the brand Fresh

Again, this is the Ultimate Aging Complexion Treatment It is a soft cream, meaning it is a moisturizer Now it’s a little weird because when you open it, it feels almost air light Almost like flubber, it’s not it’s just weird So I will just take this and just kind of rub it in between my fingers and then we’re just gonna massage all over the skin And I love just going all over the face like a mini little massage Also, you know what’s crazy is perfume, right? This is just a quick side note

When you are spraying perfume on yourself, that is literal pure alcohol with fragrance It’s really like alcohol mixed with alcohol And we’re not talking about the drinking kind, we’re talking about real alcohol the ingredient And imagine every morning, what are you doing? You’re literally spraying alcohol on your skin every single day So when I do perfume I only really spray on my clothes or I’ll dab a little bit and I’ll barely rub it, but it’s like every time I do it I’m like clinging because we’re aging honey, we’re aging

So, I’m bringing the extraness as always So the brand Sicily a few months ago came out with something that is for the neck only This is the neck cream It’s supposed to firm, refine, remodel your existence Now this is supposed to show improvement after a month

Now I’ve used this for a while I’m not gonna say my neck looks better Does it feel softer and has the skin kind of improved? 100% we’ll say it has It smells so good So, the neck cream looks something like this

It smells so fresh and I love Sicily I know you guys heard me use this so many times on my channel One of their favorite products of mine is their primer which a lot of Youtubers are using now This one though, the neck cream works So we’re just gonna take some out on our nail

We’re just gonna dot it all over our neck and this just feels so fresh and amazing Alright, now let’s talk about when you’re gonna go out into the world, you’re gonna leave your house and you’re gonna say hello to this sun, which is aka the devil And what are we going to do about that? Now I am someone that is We keep saying the word extreme, that’s me Now when I go outside you guys, I don’t ever sit in the sun longer than five minutes When I’m walking to my car, I will hold something up, I’m literally this is not what I hold up normally, but I hold up things so the sun never touches my face When I am walking around at lets say a music festival or an outdoor mall or I’m walking somewhere far, I always bring like an umbrella I don’t give a fuck how dumb I look or what people say about me Also, sunscreen is very important you guys Now you don’t have to get a boogey ass sunscreen, of course the drugstore has some great ones from Neutrogena

But I love a sunscreen with SPF 50 Now here’s a disclaimer that I’m just gonna say and put it out there A lot of brands, even in the drugstore or the mall will give a disclaimer of yes 150 SPF da da da That is a false advertisement and those products do not exist Any brand is allowed to put whatever number they want on here and lie

I don’t know why that’s allowed legally But if you’ve seen stuff that’s like 110 SPF it’s not real It can only go up to 50 Besides that I always put on sunscreen before my makeup definitely in the summer especially out here, I always wear sun glasses I know I have mentioned this in previous videos and people probably roll their eyes

Buut girl, I just got to say one thing sun glasses are probably one of the biggest keys of anti-aging for me personally that I have noticed throughout the years I always look over at people they’re squinting, their eyes are fucked, they looking crazy, the sun is beaming on their face in traffic and they just like “Uhh” I’m not gonna do it cause my eyes will pull But you know what I mean when someone’s squinting and it’s just like crows feet’s to the gods and I’m like no So every time I leave the house I don’t care if I have full make up on or not, I am using this as an extreme example but I love sun glasses Now, these glasses are very obnoxious and big, which I love anything big in my hands, mouth or face I love these because they are massive You know you don’t have to get designer sun glasses, there are a million sun glasses out there in the world just get some that are UV protectived and don’t get played by some false ass advertisement

Now I know we talked about diet earlier, but I think it is very important to know that I don’t party and what I mean about partying is you guys, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t get wasted And a lot of you know this about me, but if you are a new Hi

I have never tried alcohol before I know that is going to seem shocking to some people I just think that people go and dig up old videos on my channel when I was touring and doing music and a lot of them were like “Oh my god we found a picture of you with a shot glass” And I’m like girl, that was full of Fiji water and it was for the shot You know for the camera, it’s for the moment I pretended to take a shot with my friends There is also a footage of me with a drink You know when I go to a bar and you ask for a Red Bull or a Shirley Temple which by the way is Sprite and grenadine for everyone out there that is like “What the hell is that?” I will hold a drink and it will look like all my friends but its Red Bull

So please do not try to clock me Not drinking is something that I am proud of and I think at my age there is really no point to start My family comes from a long line of addicts and I know there is some of you out there that can relate to that Anyone that has a crazy cousin or a brother or a sister or parents who are alcoholics or you know addicts definitely can relate to me on that one Where you know me personally I don’t want to follow down those footsteps of my family and go down that path, so I chose to not drink at a really young age

I’ve stuck to it I don’t see a point in it now Do I love smoking weed every day? yes that is relaxing and calming it takes away my anxiety and I just feel over all great after I hit

Also a quick note I have never tried cigarettes I have never puffed on one Of course I’ve done one for pictures in the past But I’ve never smoked and I think nicotine and cigarettes are so awful

And I know a lot of you are gonna try come at me for smoking weed, it is such a big difference Just go on Google and type what is the difference between cannabis and cigarettes? And you will get a long list of what the hell is going on bitches So besides that you guys, I love facemasks And of course you guys have seen me use the Mud from Glamglow over and over It is one of my favorite products of all time and another thing that I love for moisturizing, I know you guys have seen me all over my Snapchat using the Sicily black rose cream mask

Also they have something called the eye contour mask Yeah this is crazy, you can almost feel it like pulsing on your skin Also I just wanna quickly shout out Keels for their midnight recovery eye treatment I love this So I think I wanna end this video by using a new mask I discovered a month ago and I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks to make sure it worked before I dare talk about it

Cause I aint about to tell you about no bullshit So the brand Charlotte Tilbury, which makes one of my favorite nude lipsticks of all time So this is called the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask And basically this is supposed to hydrate, lift wrinkles, sooth and brighten your skin tone It comes like this, you open it up bam

So we’ll take one out, it’s a classic rose gold packaging which I live for Now it’s a little weird you guys, because it is literally like dry And there she is Wow! So I’m just gonna read you guys the instructions Now unfold your dry sheet mask, place pink side onto cleanse skin, we’re cleanse honey

And it wants me to hook the top hooks over my ears, oh my god! Another airone Fuck, where’s Manny when I need him? Loop bottom hooks over the ears ensuring the mask is smoothed over every facial contour Gently massage on top to activate, leave on for fifteen minutes to activate So the cool thing about it you guys, is once it’s on you rub it and it actually starts to do something, which is crazy So I’m just gonna put this on me right now

Look at that nose honey, yes Alright so the mask is on the face It looks a little weird cause it does fold, but it does seamlessly go, the nose is on So it basically says that it wants me to gently massage Now I’ve been

this is my fourth mask I’ve done and I really just go like this back and forth and I just massage it And this is just basically activating whatever ingredients that are in here and it is starting to soak into the skin I know you can’t see much and it looks a little funky, but I promise it’s working

So I’m going to massage this for another 30 seconds and I will be back in 15 minutes And fifteen minutes later we’re back I’m gonna take this mask off Mask off, fucking mask off, mask off, motherfucking set hey Right and my hair is crazy

Alright, now that the mask is off, the skin oh my god! I don’t know what is in here when you grab it, it is so crazy I’m like where’s the ingredients? Shea butter, glycerin, fruit oil, seed butter, vegetable oil, soy bean oil oh my god Okay, well my skin every time I use these I’m like, you know when you do a mask and you can’t stop feeling your skin 'cause it feels baby soft? That’s what’s happening right now But besides that you guys, I hope you learned something new in today’s video If you think I’m ridiculous for wanting to age, great keep on scrolling But I hope you guys learned something and just be careful out there with the sun and your diet And just remember at the end of the day I love this type of stuff and this is what I’m into it

I’ve been a makeup artist for 15 years now and I’m all into skincare and I think that’s very important If you’re someone that doesn’t give a fuck and you just watch this for entertainment, thank you so much for watching And I will see you guys on the next video Bye guys

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