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The Best Foundation Tips For Oily Skin For Longer Lasting Makeup

Hi everyone! Welcome back! It’s kalei and today I’m going to be doing a spring slash summer foundation routine If you are an oily skin girl, or you have combination skin, I think this video will be perfect for you! I am going to load it up with step-by-step tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh and amazing for longer than 8 hours! So I wanted to share this video with you guys so if you are interested in seeing how I do my makeup for spring and summer months, keep watching! I’ve already washed my face with my clarisonic which is my holygrail face tool for skin care

Believe me when I say, It’s worth the investment I’ve already applied this Miracle wake up cream from Garnier I’m going to go in with a primer so I’m going to be using makeup forever primer I’m going to thin it out and what I like to do with my primer because I have bigger pores, and I don’t know if it helps with sweating on the face or the oiliness, but I like to push it up into the skin and push it down It could just be me, but I fell like it does actually fill in the pores and any fine lines around the center of my face a lot better

Next, I’m going to take the hydrating primer for the rest of my face and it’s for around the parameter You don’t have to do this, I’ve been doing this I’m not sure if it makes a difference but it does make my bronzer look good I’m going to take this around my cheeks, hairline and jawline This is very matte, If you really want a super matte face, just use this

If you want to look dewy without looking oily, the cars foundation is really good! Before I get shaded by anyone not eh internet saying that my foundation color doesn’t match, check my instagram pictures! They match! I’m first going to take whatever I had on my finger from mixing My beauty blender is damp! I did roll it in a towel so it’s not so wet because I still want coverage but if you want to sheer out your foundation, you can spray it with a dewy setting spray or leave it a little wet The key is to use as little product as possible! So you’ll be working in layers For my underage concealer, I’m going to use this bye bye undereye from it cosmetics and I’m going to apply it with my finger tips I like to place it in this area and I also like to place it in the corner

I’m taking the tip of my beauty blender sonf blend it out I like to place it up on the cover of the eye because it brightens up the face a little bit more and I’ll show you guys the difference So I’m placing this under my eye where I normally would And I’m not placing it on the inner corner so you can see the difference Do we see the difference? Hopefully we can! This eye is brighter than the under eye and that is because I took the light concealer in the inner corner where there would normally be a shadow

I’m going to take a little bit more in that corner I don’t really contour much anymore Just add warmth to my face So I’m using the fit me stick foundation in coconut applying this to my cheeks, bring a little up around here My forehead, my nose and my jaw

I’m also going to add a little more to my chin so this gives off the appearance of a longer face if you have a round face And now, I’m going to blend it all out! I like to do my nose first because I feel like if I go where theres more product, It’s going to be on the sponge and it’s going to get everywhere and not be a defined line I just like to do the areas that are going to be visible first, and go into the bigger areas Now that my foundation is done, I’m going to set it You can use any setting powder… the powder I used at Busch gardens was this airspun powder translucent and I’mg going to apply it with my sponge and I’m going to press it into the skin

If you want to define your contour or your bronzing, you can also add it on the side of the face I’m not going to do that… I’m just going to let it sit and I’ll go over with another powder So Now, I’m going to take my sponge and press in any remanding powder/product Instead of wiping it off, I’m going to press whatever is left To set my face, I’m going to try this Pur cosmetics glow together palette and it’s a matte shimmer bronzer palette

I’m going to stipple it on first so it doesn’t catch bronzer because remember, I didn’t set the bronzer I like to do this to kind of apply the powder to my face and when I’m done, I take a little extra product and then start to buff it in I’m taking my favorite blush from city color cosmetics in the color guava With the same brush I’ve been using And I’m going to apply it to my cheeks

Now, I’m going to add the glow! Because you guys know… I’m not even going to say it You know! I’ve been taking the hourglass A Brilliant strobe light ambient powder and I’ve been taking it on a brush and I’ve been dusting it on This is more of a wearable glow powder so if you aren’t into the super highlighted glow, you can go in with this and it gives you a nice glow to the face But of course, That;s not going to happen with me! So I’m going in with a highlight trio from city color cosmetics and I’m picking up this gold color And applying this on the high points of the cheeks

Right in here… And this is going to give my face the appliance of a dewy look to my skin without it actually being dewy because I used a matte foundation All my oily Alphas, you need to try this! The Nyx matte one is also a favorite of mine! I’ve been using this and I don’t even know what to say about it This is one of the best setting sprays I’ve ever used I’m going to finish up the rest of my face and I will come back with the final look!

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