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Q & A Hair Growth Tips | Tha Emprezz

we have to do other DNA for your guidance of how I treat my natural here and for this one it's not like I don't do a lot 3 week i mostly wear protective styles and with this it keeps my hair like from being closed a lot so equity and rolls and also says I'm a 44-0 that's the question my hair is like it's very tight so it's easy to break off so I you know you have to you have to treat this with extra we have to know you're here tight before you could really know how to need to take care of her here Oh question number one how often do i watch my here now don't judge me but I wasn't here every 2-3 me I don't do it very often because i don't want to be manipulating my hair so much also coming I'm very tender headed but that's not one of the reasons why i really want to be seen that rule but in the meantime I was like spritz with water and you know I get my here as well as put the different ways that I used my hair just wanted to mention that as well as I'm not single coconut oil coconut oil olive oil and love so yeah I'm not pregnant but i think we need on let me know that it would help with you know he really make it here in a bit thicker and it has meant to send a regular vitamin make the regular most environment so you know that's another thing you can look into on I don't know if you are tender headed like I am but what i do when i'm having that issue what I I am I i call my hair with the expression so how long have I been natural I'm going myself or my seniors now three years Kate yeah did I think of fake top you know I didn't want the truck i had my hear nothing but you know since when is the 4c and you have this for that end we could do this definitely saw the differential what i did i gradually cut confirming but I from rod set and that will help give it that sounds and that nice fluffy look and how you gonna work for me how often do I trim my ear I do it as needed also well I did it once not here ok so i use a loc method to treat my hand to when I watch it when i have finished was not here I was you know use the water and then i will feel it with my coconut oil for my Catholic so I have I should hope not forget castor oil and love into making left or you know like to do and i use them to come back for me it helps thickness so if you're having like a little box for going to see this massage 12 or oil massage it and if any of my regiment work for you are you use it before let me know in the description box always being pretentious either protective styles and i'm wearing we go whether i'm using my head wrap there are different ways Oh keeping my here being out of cool way if so that you've been loving this video don't forget to thumbs up and also don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already down here human system weapons and also the notification so that you'll know when you go for the video so I'm making for more videos and more laps all right

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