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Makeup Tips & How We Got Into Makeup!

Natasha (N): Meg take your glasses off please Meghal (M): Oh dammit fine N: Sorry it's just too reflective, it's not that your glasses look bad M: I know N: just N: you don't have eyes when you put them on M: wait can I do the intro since you always do it? N: yeah M: what am I saying? N: hahaha M: For today's video we are going to talk a little bit more about how we got into makeup and also give you guys some tips for if you are just starting ou N: So I'm going to talk first about how I started wearing makeup I didn't start wearing it until about two years ago Now I would wear the occasional mascara and eyeliner and then in college I dabbled into eyeshadow a little bit more In high school I hated, hated, hated when people told me to wear makeup Or told me there were certain occasions where you should wear makeup I would resist wearing makeup because because I don't think there is any proper time to wear it because you should wear it whenever you feel like you want to I didn't like wearing makeup for that reason I also saw so many of my friends say things like "they can't leave the house without wearing makeup because they feel uncomfortable without makeup on and i didn't want to get to that point because I thought that if I avoided wearing makeup then I could really think about why I was unhappy with certain things with my appearance and really deal with it opposed to just brushing it aside and literally covering it with makeup M: also another thing to note is that we did not have acne or we don't have scarring or anything so we did not get bullied for our skin

which is a completely different thing for wearing makeup in high school because I know like my older sister she had acne and she wore makeup much earlier than us but she also got i guess more ridiculed for her skin than we did N: I mean in terms of trying to look older and fit in that's why I didn't wear makeup I wanted to be happy with the way I looked without makeup And I definitely think it's okay if you do wear makeup to feel a little bit more comfortable that just wasn't something that would work necessarily for me When I really got into makeup about two years ago it was definitely part of getting into youtube and seeing the types of makeup people wore on youtube and I learned a lot from that but one of the main things was the fact that you can wear like the same black sweater for an entire week but if you do your makeup differently everytime it can make your entire look and outfit feel completely different and that was something pretty exciting for me because it just opened up the options for I guess style and fashion a lot more M: so I pretty much felt the same way about makeup in high school I just knew if I started wearing makeup it would have been for the wrong reasons and it would have been more for other people opposed to myself So I didn't start wearing makuep about two years ago either I also didn't start getting into makeup until after I started watching a bunch of beauty people on youtube and seeing all the super creative things that they could do And what I really like about makeup is that it's a really easy way to do something creative and it doesn't take as much let's say as doing a drawing or doing a painting So makeup for me is a really fun way for me to do something creative I still don't wear makeup for events A lot of you guys have asked if we wear these makeup looks out I have worn really intense colorful makeup to class but I won't wear it when I go out because when I go out I want to have the least amount of stuff on my face because you always get sweaty and uncomfortable so i'm more likely to wear something to class than i am out makeup is just something that is really fun for me to do and i don't use it as something for occasions N: yeah and for me to, going out i'll just do the regular winged eyeliner, little bit of foundation and lipstick but the really fun unique things I wear more for like if i'm meeting my friends for lunch or going to class for when we used to be in school M: and for both of us we mentioned how we've always had an interest in fashion and runway fashion and editorial makeup and i think it was after we started watching youtube videos and learning about makeup that we realized oh wait we can do these editorial makeup looks

it's not something that is completely inaccessible to us we just have to practice at it and see what we can do and that's pretty much what we did we just practiced different looks and we also did it for our photography shoots and that as well N: so now we are just going to go through some tips for getting into makeup if you are a beginner or you just feel like you can't get something right The first tip is to just take things slowly and work with one product at a time I know it can be very overwhelming to see a tutorial where they are talking concealer, foundation, bronzer eyeliner, eyeshadow but if you are someone that are like "I really like colorful lipstick" right stick with that first opposed to worrying about doing the entire face of makeup so if you want to get into wearing bright colored lipstick but you are a little nervous wear it at home don't wear it when you are around anyone and you will get used to seeing yourself with that bright color on and also getting used to the way it feels that will make it easier for you to get into makeup and not feel as overwhelmed it also takes the pressure off when you put lipstick on when you have no obligation to see anyone later that night because when you are trying something new right before you are about to see all of your friends that can be a little nerve-wracking M: yeah for example one of our friends is just getting into makeup and it's really exciting for her she really loves like sparkly eyeshadows she had been using this kind of cream, warm, colored eyeshadow and she really like that and then she wanted to get some more eyeshadow so she got this really pretty silver eyeshadow and we were about to go out she was putting that silver eyeshadow on but she wasn't used to herself with a silver-toned eyeshadow on her eye She was much more comfortable with wearing warm colors that she immediately took it off because she wasn't comfortable seeing herself that way even though i told her it looked fine and it looked great she just wasn't used to it so since then i've told her if you want to get used to wearing that maybe just try putting a little silver in your inner corner opposed to your whole lid and just using it as accents so you get used to the color and seeing yourself in that color before you wear it out because it's not fun when you're out and you don't feel comfortable about your appearance N: One reason that getting into makeup was generally pretty easy for us opposed to let's say our friends is that we have a background in art and more specifically drawing very precise images

both of us have steady hands when it comes to fine lines so things like eyeliner wasn't that difficult for us we also don't have a fear of putting our hands close to our eyes and i think that might be a combination of wearing contacts and also just we just aren't sensitive that way getting into eyeliner wasn't that difficult M: there are a bunch of tutorials on youtube about steps to wearing winged lier and practicing and getting the perfect shape for you The general theme of all of those videos is to practice putting wings on your eye and that is true and practice will make you better and help you get a steadier hand but what will also help you a lot is if you practice drawing and drawing smooth lines so you get comfortable making smooth strokes it will be a lot easier to do it on paper opposed to on your eye because your eye is textured and it's a 3-d object N: so the other thing about drawing on paper is that you'll start to notice the difference in pressure that you need and that is one of the big tips for doing eyeliner is realizing the amount of pressure because usually you will want to use more pressure at the roots of your lashes and then you want to use less pressure when you apply the wing and as much as i can say that you won't really feel the difference until you start practicing those smooth strokes another way to practice is use the product on the back of your hand you'll get the feel for the amount of slip in the product, if it tugs on your skin and if that brush and winged eyeliner is working for you or a nib of a pencil M: and similarly you can do the same thing with working on blending and shading you can start on paper and just practice shading and making smooth gradients You can start with one color and then do it between two colors and then three colors one it will help you learn how to blend two colors together and it will also help with color theory because then you will start to see what colors you like that go together and which colors blend well together because sometimes it's really hard to blend say blue and orange but it's easy to blend orange and red N: yeah M: So you'll start to figure that out and build a color theory and a color knowledge of what colors work N: and you can do that with colored pencils your eye will start to be trained better in realizing which type of shading looks better whether it looks kinda blotchy and jagged or very smooth or even having a really feathered transition or a harder transition between colors another tip is to trust the brushes that you're using I often see people when they first start using eyeshadow brushes using a light amount of pressure and just kind of lightly touching their eyes like use more pressure and trust the brush is going to spread the product out especially when it comes to blending so you want to loosen up your wrist and it will allow you to blend with smother strokes and realize that blending takes a lot more time than what you see in a youtube video because well what we do is we cut out that time where we are just sitting there blending and it's just constantly blending and you'll start to see the subtle differences of spending more time blending because it will smoothen out your eyeshadow a lot more M: another thing to note is that you could be practicing and trying your best to get things to blend and sit properly and if things are not working it might be the product I never really knew about the different qualities of eyeshadows until we started buying different brands and seeing which ones blend more, which ones are more pigmented if an eyeshadow is just not working for you maybe try a different brand or something of a different quality N: yeah and if you are not able to just go and buy different brands just go and look at the testers at sephora make swatches on your hand and then leave and see how the shadow lasts on your hand throughout the day M: so when you're at the point when you're able to buy something new you'll know what you want to get what's really helpful is if you can find someone of a similar skin tone as you on youtube and see what the products looks like on them because every product shows up differently on every different skin tone

N: this is one of the main struggles of being darker skinned is that lot's of makeup isn't catered towards darker skin and it doesn't show up as well because the pigment isn't as as intense and it can just kind of melt into your skin and disappear along the lines of getting your eyeshadow to show up it depends what skin tone you have now if you are very light then pastel colors will show up on you think about what it's like drawing on light versus dark paper if you are using a white piece of paper and you are using yellow it will show up fine if you use that yellow on a black piece of paper it's not going to show up if you have dark skin and you want to wear really bright pastel colors you've seen us do this in many videos but put a white base down first so that color will apply and show up much better and the same thing goes for if you want to deepen up colors and want them much more rich and darker then put a black base we like to do this when we do smoky eyes and if we're using like navy blues, deep purples, and deep greens N: other people had questions about finding your skin undertone and i just want to quickly mention that is something very case by case and i don't know how to explain it properly but my biggest tip is just to go get color matched at sephora and to see what they say about your undertone now sometimes when you get color matched what they tell you isn't always right so go more than once and see if it changes generally if you are a person of color see if you can get color matched by a person of color because they N: yeah M: most likely have a better knowledge of how to match makeup to people of color You might be told something like blue doesn't look good on you, orange does not look good on you everyone can wear every color we often get comments about how "that color looks so good on your skin tone" it will look good on everyone's skin tone

it's just a matter of how to make it show up the best on your skin N: starting to use different colors can at first feel like they don't work for you but it can just be a matter of getting used to it and the last thing i want to say is when it comes to face products less is more and i'm talking foundation, blush, and bronzer start by using half a pump of foundation and if you feel like it's not spreading and covering your entire face use another half pump don't start with two pumps of foundation because it can get muddy and thick very fast M: and if you are not used to wearing foundation that will feel awful on your skin so it also takes time to get used to how face products feel on your skin N: okay so those are all of our tips for getting into makeup and we hope you found it helpful!

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