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Little Girls Give Lucy Hale Advice | Cosmopolitan

Important things first, what color should we do? What are you thinking? -Blue Have you ever done this before? -No, not really Not really

I'm excited to see what you are about to do with my hair -Okay Which do you wanna do first? Do you wanna do my eyes first, or my cheeks, or my lips? -Cheeks -Wait, you're Lucy Hale? Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook? -Uhm, no You have real life friends? -Yeah I have real life friends Yeah, that's probably better anyway

I'm thinking about getting a dog, what kind of dog do you think I should get? -A hot dog! A hot dog Food always wins for me too, it's cool So I have a few tattoos, a lot of people don't know that about me What's your take on The look she just gave me! Should I get another one? -Uhm, is it permanent? It works for Johnny Depp! -Who's she? Valentine's Day is coming up Have you ever celebrated Valentine's Day? -Uh huh Yeah? What do you think I should do? -I was just gonna say go get pizza! Everyone likes pizza here in New York! You know, Valentine's Day is coming up What should I wear? Like cute, sexy, what do you think? -Hot! Hot! -Hot means you look hot Yes, it does, girlfriend! – Uh, if you kidding me? Don't call me girlfriend

Don't call you girlfriend? What can I call you? I thought we were friends, I thought we were girlfriends -Okay, just call me girlfriend Okay cool Do you have a boyfriend? -No No? Do you have a crush on a boy? -Neh Neh

Have you ever seen Pretty Little Liars before? -Noooo I'm guessing you haven't seen Pretty Little Liars, you're probably a little too young for that, yeah? -Wait, Pretty Little Liars? Mhm Have you heard of it? -No Are we going for the eye? Okay cool Do you have an Instagram or a Snapchat? -What is an Instagram or Snapchat? Good answer

I feel like it's gonna look wow! I think you did a great job What do you call this look? -A fashion show on your face! Yeah! I'm very happy with my look! I got my nails done, my hair done

You like the blush I did actually?

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