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How To Grow 10-12 Inches Hair / Extreme Hair Growth Treatment

Hi guys welcome to my channel Simple Beauty Secrets Today Beauty tip is to stop hair Fall and grow Super long hair But Before I start Subscribe My channel First ingredeint of this remedy is Aloe Vera We will cut Aloe Vera in way that we can Extract maximum Gel We will Add four table spoons of Gel Aloe Vera is very beneficial for long and shinny hair Now we will peel off Cucumber and grate it We will add three table spoons of grated Cucumber in Aloe Vera Gel Next I am adding three capsules of Vitamin E Before Adding next Ingredients do subscribe my channel and then two table spoon of black seeds oil Black seed oil is very effective for hair loss Next I am adding two table spoon of Almond oil and very last ingredient is Sesame oil Mix these ingredients properly and blend it as well Do apply this mixture on your Scalp and hair

and leave it for one hour Do cover your hair with shower cap or towel after one hour wash your hair after the first wash you will notice that your hair will become very soft and shinny to Stop hair fall you have to use this remedy Regularly This remedy will not only solve hair loss issue but also your hair will grow in size substantially So friends i hope you like my video IF you like my video then do share and it and dont forget to subcribe I will be back with another amazing video till then bye bye

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