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How to Fill in Eyebrows | Best Tips #makeup #eyebrows

Greetings DIYers! It's Heather Dubuai your award-winning makeup artist showing you how to fill in your eyebrows Not the eyebrows that are scary that we see on the old bitties

I want beautiful eyebrows that shape your face All you're going to need is a brush, relatively small, that you feel comfortable using And go with a shadow A dark shadow that matches the color of your hair We don't need pencils, or drawing on things that are too complicated

What I want you to remember is that your eyebrows are sisters They're not twins! They don't need to be that perfect Remember to take your brush and measure it from your nose right over to here Okay? That's where you start Saw that? And start filling them in

Also remember: take your brush again See where your eye lines up right here in the middle? That's where your arch should be So start coloring that part in Now how far do you take your eyebrows? Take your brush, go right out to the edge of your eye, and that's where they go Easy

Now how's that? Want to go in for the other eye? Now remember: They're sisters, they're not twins! They need to be alike, but not perfect Color this part in, go ahead and measure Okay so that's where it starts Now where's the arch? Right here over the black part of your eye And where does it go to? Right about there

Easy So how's that? It's not difficult And there you have it Coloring in your eyebrows Now that you know how to fill in your eyebrows, don't forget to subscribe, like, click thumbs up, and share the video with everyone

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