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Eyeshadow Do’s and Don’ts | Tips, Tricks & What Brushes to Use! | Roxette Arisa

hey guys I'm Roxette Raise and today we're going to be going over some eye shadow do's and don'ts so I think that I'm looking a little crazy because I did this full side of my face will know I'm only doing eye shadow today so i did this complete eyeshadow look on on fleet all the dudes that i know this i is all the things i don't recommend doing as far as I shadows in this video we're going to be going over everything including what to do what not to do what a brushes to use i'm going to try to give you all the best tips in regards to a shadow when i was doing this I i almost had like heart palpitations because it is just know this is a hot mess and I don't want any of you guys to look like this okay this is not not okay as far as the eye shadow goes for this video that's a good thing these are just my personal tips and trips trips tricks obviously makeup is an expression of your own personal creativity and whatever you think works for you you know what i mean so if i stay something that you do on a regular basis that you love how it looks girl keep doing you you do you before happened to the video make sure to hit that button up there to subscribe to my channel then you will always be my videos when they pop up and we have a lot of fun here so go ahead and do it do it do it subscribe so if you want to learn all of my eyeshadow do's and don'ts then just keep watching this side is going to be as the bad side so all the eye shadow knows that you definitely don't want to do and then this side over here is it may be good side so all the tips and tricks and eyeshadow do the first eyeshadow don't think i have you guys is neglecting your eyeshadow primer you definitely do not want to do this you'll see what a huge difference it makes this side is just it does not blend out well with all primer it goes on Patchi it doesn't get as pigmented and it tends to increase if you have oily eyelids like me and on the other hand and I should do is to apply a primer obviously like I said this is really going to help with increasing problems pigmentation of land ability it's going to cancel out any redness or discoloration on your eyelid so it's just going to give us a nice clean base for our eye shadows to build upon another eye shadow do is to set that primer that you just put down with either a translucent powder or a light colored eyeshadow my personal favorite is on Sasha beverly hills of the long shadow this is a mandatory for me because it gives you such a clean slate and everything you put on top is just going to pull it out so much better so it makes your life way easier a huge I don't is that going in with black eyeshadow or any dark shadow right away this is where panda eyes are born people and you just don't want to go there just trust me do not do this especially not with a very densely packed brush so this is basically like to dance in one however and I should do on the other hand is to use a big fluffy blending brush and start building up the Russians this is what we call transitional shade so the concept is that you start out with a lighter eyeshadows and build your way up to the darkest shadows this technique is really going to help you achieve that nice and grading of color and it's going to help everything blend together seamlessly and smoothly and i do recommend using a natural hair to blending brush just because it's really going to help you disperse the product as evenly as possible and get that seamless blend that that we left once you've built your way up to those dark shades and I should do is to use a small precision brush to apply the darker shade so in this case I'm going on with the black and you can see when i use a small brush I have the precision and control over the area and the shadow so I know exactly where it's going and exactly where i'm placing it and I like to go in with a blending brush so something a little bit more fluffy and blend it to your heart's desire this is really going to help again to stray from the pan eyes and the recognized because we don't want none of that the difference between the two sides is just insane but are nice sized gotta do is use a flat synthetic brush to apply our main base eyeshadow shape this is really going to help with the pigmentation of the I show itself it's going to help pack on that product while minimizing at the amount of fault that you get and when you're using a pressing motion with your flat synthetic brush you are going to be golden goal you will be good to go you will have so much pigmentation and not very much my fault which is definitely what we want and eyeshadow don't is using a fluffy brush for the main base shade so basically the fluffy or the brush the last pigmentation you're gonna get because fluffy brushes are mostly used for blending out shades and just making everything look seamless and work together so when you're going for pigmentation I do not recommend using a fluffy brush this is not going well for me and decided to just blow and eyeshadow do that I do all the time is cleaning up my mistakes with a light color eyeshadow so I place a light colored eyeshadow right above the spot where you know something with a little messy or I wanted to the shape then I go back in with my blending brush and just blend out the edges and it's good as new this next one is painful guys so a big eye shadow don't is using a stark black eyeshadow on the bottom lash line straightaway I've done this before I honestly regret every single second of it because it just looks really really harsh and just a little Christ but if you do want to have it that smoky eye fact that we all love then and I should do that you can do is using a black kohl pencil and running this along the waterline I like to do that and then take a lighter shade like a medium brown or light brown and blend it out with a pencil brush this allows you to have that smoky eye sex with a black shade but it's not gonna look as harsh as if you just go straight into the deep in with a black eyeshadow because again you're getting that grading effects sort of the same idea that we did on that top Linnet we're just applying that to the bottom lashes out my next eyeshadow do is to make it look nice and crisp using whatever he likes you can use business cards tape if you want a little making quite action like me this is my favorite way to school is the easiest for me so I like to clean up any fall and then make it that anything super crisp and sharp and to do sharpening up towards the end of my eyebrow because that's the shape that I found that I really like and that works for me then I like to go in with concealer and just sharpening up a little extra because i'm actually like that let's be real and of course an eyeshadow don't is to leave that fall everywhere not you know shorten up the lines anything it's just not going to look put together and it could potentially ruin the rest of your makeup as well which we don't want that's me and for my eyeshadow do's and don'ts I hope you guys enjoyed this video I had a lot of fun making it and we've all been here I would absolutely love to do other videos like this where you have good a half bad just because I think it's really cool to see the differences and everything and teach you guys in that sense so comment down below if you have any other suggestions for videos i should do like this like full makeup do's and don'ts like a full face of good and bad or even like Rowdies and don'ts lip do's and don'ts lashes do the nose I don't know I'm just you know I'm trying to think of ideas here but let me know if you have anything or if you want to see any specific do's and don'ts videos from me give this video a thumbs up if you liked it i remember you are beautiful inside and out I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

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