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Becky G: Flawless Skin Makeup Tips | COVERGIRL

Yo, what's good guys? It's your girl Becky G and I'm here with my make up artist Tonya We're going to show you the key to getting flawless skin with the COVERGIRL truBLEND Collection

One of the first steps for me in creating flawless skin is using a primer I love the new COVERGIRL truBLEND Being on camera and like taking pictures and stuff, the worst is when it reads like– You're shiny Shiny, yeah It can ruin everything

This cancels all of that out I start with applying it in the center of the face And I just work my way out It's great to apply it before applying foundation because it's going to make everything lay nicely Now that the primer is applied I go in with a truBLEND foundation

I chose M5 for Becky because it has more of an olive undertone which as you can see, she's got a little bit more yellow in her skin The center of the face is the area that tends to need the most coverage I just buff it out towards the jawline Being a teenager and having complicated skin, you want something that has a light weight finish and also doesn't clog your pores Now that her skin is flawless, I like to go in and add a little depth

The truBLEND bronzer gives your face that sun kissed glow And you want to do it in the exact spots that the sun would hit your skin, so the temples, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose And I do a little bump just on the upper lip To finish everything off I go in with the new truBLEND blush If I'm doing a natural look I like to use something similar to the lip shade

Super easy to blend I think what's really awesome too, especially people who are new to wearing makeup, is what you see is what you get The payoff color is exactly what you see And that is it Those are all the steps to getting flawless skin with the COVERGIRL truBLEND collection

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