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6 Natural Makeup Tips | Jordan from Millennial Moms

(playful music) Well hey everybody Jordan Page with the Millennial Moms here again just like every other Wednesday

Everyone wants to look beautiful and healthy this time of year And a lot of us are focusing on our body, and what we're wearing, and how fit we are Well, one thing you may not consider is that every single person you ever come in contact with, is focusing right here Today I'm gonna show you how to get an easy, beautiful, healthy glow on your face while only taking an extra one to two minutes If you like what you see, give a thumbs up

Be sure to subscribe below Let's get on with it, shall we? So here's just kind of my every day look As you can see, it's not too bad In fact, some would say this is plenty But there are a few things I could do because right now I'm a little one dimensional, I don't have a whole lot of color on my face

The first, and one of the most important tricks is curl your eyelashes Do it! I learned this trick from Carmen D from What Not to Wear Crimp once at the base of your lashes Squeeze real hard Uuuuuu

And then again at the middle of your lashes And then again at the tip of your lashes So rather than giving you a kink, it kind of gives you a nice swooping motion It's preferred to do it before you have mascara on, just for the record A really great tip is to heat up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer

Only for a few seconds You don't want to burn your eyeball off Trust me See, it's a subtle difference, but it's a difference Curling your eyelashes really brightens your eyes and opens them up without having to add more makeup, which is the goal, really

Another way to add a natural, healthy glow to your face, is consider using mineral foundation I know it's really cool and super popular to watch all these YouTube videos about the seven layers of foundation, and highlighting, and contouring, and all this goop your supposed to put on your face Buuut, I'm a mom, ain't nobody got time for that I've discovered mineral foundation I like that it's light, I like that it has good coverage, and I like that I can put it on quickly

It also lasts forever, which is a serious bonus Just get a little bit of powder, tap it off in your brush, and apply it all over your face This is how you really do it without looking, just to let you know Really gives me good, sheer coverage You can really use any kind, there's Bare Minerals, there's all sorts of kinds online

This is a local company, called NSMINERALS Find what works for you And ask the company if they have samples before you commit to buying a huge size The next important thing to do is add some bright blush to your face This is from ELF

I bought it when everything was 50% off It's called Peach Perfection And it really is perfection, in peach It's creamy It cost me like less than $3, I think

My tip is go heavy on the apples I know a lot of people really concentrate on your cheekbones, but to add a nice rosy flush to your face, really focus on the apples of your cheeks And then sweep it up lightly into your cheekbone I also like to add a tiny dab to the tip of my nose as well as up in my eye Which instantly adds a nice natural flush to your face

Oooh, ooh, eee, ooh And don't worry about adding too much, you can always go back with a big fluffy brush and blend it out Take your same blush color and apply it to your lips Where's my lip? Oooh, here it is Mmm

Ahh Looking so much better already, am I right? Now, I don't know about you, but waking up after a long night with the kids sometimes I look a little haggard So one thing I found that really helps is to just add a little light in the corner of your eyes This again, is just a cheap ELF palette, but you could use any color that you have You just want to find a light color that you can really highlight your face

Add a little to the corner of your eyelid and sweep it down underneath your eye, as well It doesn't take much, just a little bit really brightens up those eyes The last step is, whiten your teeth I know this seems kind of obvious, but really, how many of us actually do it You do not have to spend much

Those Crest Whitestrips that you get at the store work perfectly And they make such a difference There you go, so easy, right? Just a few steps, an extra minute, or two, can really give your face that added glow that will give you confidence and an added level of beauty If you like what you saw give a thumbs up I love the feedback

Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything While you're here, check out Tay's video from yesterday, And be sure to come back for Michelle's tomorrow Be sure to check out my own channel, while you're at it The links in the description below Thanks for stopping in

Hope to see you next Wednesday Bye Ni- n, guh Page from, blah blah

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