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4 Bold Lipstick Colors: Makeup Tips | COVERGIRL & Giselle Ugarte

Here are four bold statement lips that will change up your whole look Let's get started

My go-to lip color is red, but sometimes we've got to switch it up So natural progression, pink This is Colorlicious Lipstick 365 in Enchantress Blush Make sure your lips are clean, no moisturizer, no licking Just go ahead and get started

This shade of pink is kind of safe, but it's definitely a show stopper Now, if you want to pick it up a notch, you can warm up your whole look with a berry This is also Colorlicious Lipstick It's number 315 in Euphoria Bold lipstick can have a mind of its own

So if you notice the color going for a little road trip on your face, go ahead and grab a cotton swab and swirl it along the edges of your lips to keep it in check Now for the mega-bold, I say try a purple This is COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstick in Vixen Violet And I'd say if you're going to wear a lipstick as bold as this, definitely keep your eye color subtle, so that the lip color really pops I love this lipstick It lasts all day long

Last but not least and literally on trend is a brown lip color This is COVERGIRL Outlast All Day Lipcolor in Brazen Raisin To find the best modern hue for you, avoid browns with any blue or orange undertones And then you seal the all day look with the top coat It's super glossy and perfect for any day, every day wear

Those are my four favorite statement lips For more COVERGIRL tutorials, click here

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